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AVAAZ petition, Foro Caribe Sur in the Caribbean in Costa Rica

AVAAZ petition, Foro Caribe Sur in the Caribbean in Costa Rica:
 Help protect historical land rights of dwellers of Puerto Viejo and of the Caribbean coast in Costa Rica

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One of the most biologically rich areas in the world with a population comprised of a unique mixture of ethnic origins and cultures going back over 100 years with the Afro descendants, the communities along the Talamanca coast in southeast Costa Rica have a long history of resistance against attempts to bring mega “development” projects to the region.   

They fear that such projects would drastically change their communities and also harm their flourishing ecotourism industry.  The latest challenge for the coastal towns of Cahuita, south to Puerto Viejo, Manzanillo and Gandoca involves a struggle over historic land rights.

They demand that the government listen to local inhabitants and work with the people to create a local development plan of their own “that fits with our needs and the protection of our environment, our culture, and our way of life.”

Well aware of their history of resistance against corporate globalization, the communities are organizing the A growing number of people in the coastal communities fear that their small paradise in the southern Caribbean is being severely threatened by the current government, land speculators, transnational mining and oil interests and mega tourism developers. 

In the past few years, the national government has declared its intention to enforce fully the MTZ eliminating historical land rights, and evict and demolish many homes and businesses that fall within the 50-meter zone on the shore, also leaving in doubt the future of some concessions in the 200 meter area. 
This petition is promoted by Foro Caribe Sur to address the current issues related to historic land rights.  

The Forum is a citizens´ and dwellers movement also working to design a model of development that is based upon and preserves the culture and ecosystems of the local area.

Your clicks will go the President of Costa Rica and other government authorities, asking them to take action in protection of historical rights.

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Bribri indigenous Tomasa and her afro/bribri Costa Rican 
children sign the Petition in Puerto Viejo, Southern Caribbean

                                       Photo by María Suárez Toro, Escribana

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